Online is a B/S Structure-based ERP system that is built on .Net Platform and can work under Internet. Online ERPP ó˛ combines B/S-Structured product with C/S-Structured product through seamless integration with Sunlike ERP, helping various enterprises achieve greater operational efficiency and profitability. Online ERPó˛ runs through every step in enterprise management from supply-chain to demand-chain including serial sub-systems such as Product Management, Marketing Management, Allocation and Distribution Management, Maintenance Management, and Financial Management.

    Online ERPPó˛ provides management application not only to enterprise headquarter but also to branch company, agency, dealer, shopkeeper and other business partners. Users can easily control cross-regional goods flow, stock, sales activities and accounts at any time, further strengthen management to customer and business activities, real-time acquire the information about distributor (dealer) and sales result. System will help enterprises set a uniform marketing channel, ensuring the institutions at all levels to hold individual data resource at the same time.

    Online ERPPó˛ makes the most use of todayí»s informationalization features to help enterprise save valued time, to effectively control market status and sales activities at any time, even to allow enterprise to timely make right decision and correct selling scheme. This advanced system enables enterprise to quicken distribution flow, ensures distributing channel smooth, and quickens collection and turnover of money, reducing cost and keeping enterprise competitive in changing market. Online ERPPó˛ is a functional software solution that achieves effective information-exchanging, data utilizing and collaboration work.

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