SUNLIKE ERP is a integration information management software, according to MRPII of APICS, abstracting advantages from modern marketing management, modern logistic management, production management, JIT, material management, quality management, financial management, human resource, contrasting actual self-characteristic of enterprise. Its design of system structure focusing on information flow, financial flow, and human resource flow will monitor and manage production resource, financial resource and human resource. Considering the compaction of business operations, SUNLIKE ERP moulds are integrated tightly, realizing affinitive connection among moulds, completely information-sharing. Depending on manufacturing factory standard and popularized regulations such system offers an advanced and effective solution that manages enterprise and solves many problems enterprise faced in a practice situation.

    SUNLIKE ERP C/S contains General Ledger, Purchase/Sales/Stock, Receiving and Payment, Fixed Asset, BOM Cost Analysis, Creation of Order, MRP, MRPII, Human & Salary, Attendance System, Customs, Tax Value Added, Invoice Management, Trade System, POS System, Tooling, Equipment, and other 20 completed sub-systems that can be spitted according customer requirement, buy and then use.

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