1997, China's management software market, while the majority of manufacturers still do not know what ERP, while corporate governance is well aware of the importance of information technology enterprises reach the face of foreign ERP product price at a loss. Taiwan Tianxin take the lead in the first set of publication of the National WINDOWS platform based on the FAS 2000 ERP business management system, FAS 2000 ERP business management system to international standards in ERP based on the theory of the convergence of many enterprises in Taiwan the concept of lean production management, at the same time simple and convenient reduced the price of access to enterprise information management threshold,

    Domestic enterprises so that more users in the enterprise management of information technology to benefit the outcome. At that time, nothing worth mentioning in ERP products in the domestic ERP market, Taiwan Tianxin guidelines as a beacon for the development of the ERP software market direction, Vinda Paper, Guangzhou Apollo, TCL International Electrotechnical quite famous, such as the Group is at the time of the ERP project excellent work.
White-hot competition in the market growing, growing out of the market today, the cruel, in order to solve the rapid development of many growth-oriented enterprises are facing the rapid development of business scale and the lack of regulation of the conflict between the grand Taiwan Tianxin issued for the growth of Enterprise Information management of the solutions provided SUNLIKE SBS (SUNLIKE Small Business Solution) Enterprise Management System, is a heart with the day to help Taiwan in the enterprise management of information accumulated over sixteen years of experience have refined the application of thousands of mature customers Tianxin SUNLIKE ERP system The core function module, carefully built.

    SUNLIKE SBS is designed for growing small and medium-sized enterprises tailored information management solutions. First of all, SUNLIKE SBS has matured from the application of main force of Taiwan's high-end products Tianxin SUNLIKE ERP system, the core of functional modules; ultra-low prices in line with the growth-oriented enterprises to the budget; the system has accumulated more than ten years experience in the implementation of the rapid implementation of the system line program to help enterprises in three to five months into the application completely; ERP, OA, DRP, BI, CRM, SCM, such as a comprehensive heart Taiwan-day series of product line to scale with the growth of business to provide solutions for sustainable development .

    On-line fast, low-cost, easy to implement solutions SUNLIKE SBS growth is one of the many information-based business of choice.

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